The price of a bass is dictated by the number of strings. All the other specs can be changed free of charge (spacing, model, wood combo etc.).


The “multiscale” option is free, no upcharge. All instruments have dual action truss rods. LED powered fiber-optic side dots are also included in the price, if you want them

Headless option is available, but due to the high price of the hardware, it requires an upcharge (about $40 for each string). I use ETS or ABM hardware, made in Germany.

Please keep in mind that each instrument requires about 160 hours of hard, specialized work – and I personally take care of each step of the build, from the ground up.

The whole instrument is hand crafted, including pickups, logo, knobs. The only readymade parts are hardware, truss rods, pots. Even strings on ERBs are hand crafted, usually (luckily not by me!).

After all this time I decided to steer clear from “normal” builds, to focus on projects that can really push me forward. Sorry, hope it doesn’t sound cocky, just trying to get better at what I do.

Building Jazz clones would be more profitable for sure… but it’s definitely not what I want to do.

In the near future I’ll probably switch to a “fixed price” system where you pay the same for any kind of instrument, all in. It will probably make things easier for both me and the customer.


4/5 strings: $2099

6 strings: $2499

7/8 strings: $2699

9/10/11/12 strings: $2899

13 strings: $3199 (requires extreme “fan” on the fingerboard, complete reworking of the body wings, custom made strings etc.)


I also make pickups for every kind of bass/ERB. Wooden or plastic cover, single or humbucker, AlNiCo5/Neo/Ferrite. Any measurement/spacing possible.


All orders require a 50% downpayment on the grandtotal, including shipping. The rest is only due when the instrument is finished and ready to ship.

Shipping by UPS is usually €60 within Europe and $130 for the rest of the world (Japan and Australia $160). Case (for 4-5-6 strings) or gig bag is included in the price.

Usual delivery time is 4 months, but you better get in touch to check. Unfortunately prices are all subject to change without prior notice as the number of hours needed for every single build constantly goes up (due to the features I keep adding in time and try to squeeze in the “all in price”). Parts and wood also go up constantly.