The price of a bass is dictated by the number of strings. All the other specs can be changed free of charge (spacing, model, wood combo etc.).

Fitting more than 24 frets requires an upcharge (as I have to completely reshape the body to make the whole fingerboard playable).

The “multiscale” option is FREE, no upcharge. All instruments have dual action truss rods (1 rod for 4-5 strings, 2 for bigger instruments).

LED powered fiber-optic side dots are INCLUDED IN THE PRICE on basses with more than 6 strings. On smaller ones, $200.

Headless option is available, but due to the high price of the hardware, it requires an upcharge (about $40 for each string).

Please keep in mind that each instrument requires about 150 hours of hard, specialized work – and I personally take care of each step of the build, from the ground up.

The whole instrument is hand crafted, including pickups, logo, knobs.


4 strings: $1999

5 strings: $2149

6 strings: $2299

7/8 strings: $2499

9/10/11/12 strings: $2799

13 strings: $3199 (requires extreme “fan” on the fingerboard, complete reworking of the body wings, custom made strings etc.)


Shipping by UPS is usually €60 within Europe and $130 for the rest of the world (Japan and Australia $160). Case (for 4-5-6 strings) or gig bag is included in the price.

Usual delivery time is 4 months, but you better get in touch to check.